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Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions -- Office Support in Our Office or Yours
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 Staffing Solutions for Today's Marketplace

​                      When you need employees FAST,
                                           put us On the Clock!

      From time to time, every business needs a little extra help . . .​​

We offer a flexible staff available when you need them with
No Advertising - No Unqualified Applicants - No commitments - No layoffs





     90% of Fortune 500 companies depend on flexible staffing to identify and evaluate top talent to fill seasonal positions and assist their
clients in meeting deadlines during overloads.

Employees on call for one day, one week or longer.  
Industries and organizations we have staffed over the past 25+ years include educational, medical, religious and manufacturing as well as federal, state and local governments and legal and real estate professionals.   

Our employees are evaluated  and selected to
meet your specific needs. 

Call on our flexible staff to assist you with:

  • Office Receptionists
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Data Entry Projects
  • Book Manuscripts
  • Contracts and Personal Business Letters
  • Mail Processing
  • File Maintenance
  • Receivables & Payables Processing
  • Seasonal workloads
  • Warehouse and Retail Assistants
  • Bookkeeping and Report Generation

Employment Options for Our Clients

 Our Temporary Assistance Program provides staff during the abscence of permanent staff due to illness, vacations,  family emergencies,  and assistance with special projects or seasonal workloads. Or, we can fill-in until you find a  permanent staff member.

 The Temp-to-Hire Program offers an oportunity to observe a potential employee's performance, proficiency and  dependability to ensure a perfec match. After an evaluation period, in your environment, the risk of an inaccurate  match is dramatically reduced. If you feel comfortable the employee has proven to be a valuable member of your  team, you have an opportunity to hire them as a permanent member of your staff.

 And, our Immediate Placement Program is for clients who prefer that we recruit and evaluate a  potential employee and present applicants who have been interveiwed by us and have passed our background checks  which include verification of previous employment and a criminal background screening.  This greatly reduces a  client's expense and time spent interveiwing unacceptable applicants.


 Looking for a part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent employment opportunity?
E-mail your resume to office@ontheclockboone.com

About Us
At On the Clock Employment Services, our goal is to provide high quality employees who will represent our clients with the same professionalism and top-notch customer service that we expect from our own staff.   Our goal is to exceed our client's expectations
and serve as an extenstion of their human resource department
to select the talent they need to efficiently perform the duties of the position.
On the Clock Employment Services has been serving the North Carolina  High Country   since 1991.
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